Winged Wonders

Flight – a wonder in its own right – is an ability at which many of us marvel. In the animal world, flight is an impressive skill, formidable hunting technique, and a critical survival mechanism. In this gallery, we offer images of birds in flight (as the name suggests).

Most of the photographs offered here have been skillfully (and luckily) captured at super-fast shutter speeds to stop the action mid-wingbeat. Other images in this collection show incredible detail of the form, feather, and features of birds—views that most people don’t get the privilege to personally see or watch close-up. The Jividens have been photographing birds for most of their lives, and both are enthusiastic birders (even without a camera). Their arsenal of camera equipment, however, has been chosen for the purposes of photographing fast-moving, high-flying birds (often in low light); and this collection validates their years of hard work and skill.

We hope you will enjoy decorating your home, office, or gathering places with images from our “Winged Wonders” gallery.