News from Jerry & Barb Jividen

April 7, 2023: Spring has Sprung

Now that spring has sprung (pun intended), we are getting into our busy season. Like most nature photographers, the warmer season sets off a chain reaction for buds, breezes, blooms, birds, birth, and beauty. So, out with our cameras we go!

We will also be hosting more photo adventures in the coming months and will share highlights as we can. Be sure to follow our Socials for available photo trips. As seasoned guides and photography instructors, we love to share some of our favorite places while helping others get great images and build their portfolios.

Before we rack up the miles, our next event will be a virtual presentation to the Hilton Head Camera Club. The topic will be “Yellowstone: A Winter Wonderland for Photographers.” We will share info on what to take on a wintry trek through Yellowstone, as well as name some of our favorite hot spots, offer photo tips, and recommend must-have gear and clothing. This event is sponsored by Hunt's Photo.

As many of you know, we conduct both virtual and in-person events. If you’re looking for a speaker for your next photo event, please contact us.

Welcome to Our Website

Exciting events are happening with the release of our new website. Now clients, art buyers, and followers can find all the updates about us, the Jividens, in one convenient location.

This site brings together the available choices in fine art prints, medium options, sizes, and pricing. Additionally, buyers can contact us directly when seeking other print options, image choices, and personalization of finished art pieces.

Our work is fluid—constantly growing as we travel and add to our image library. So, this site is great for home decorators and professional designers who want to continue adding to their collections!

For more than three decades, we have worked closely together to expand our offerings to others. From fine art décor to licensed images; from instructional classes to in-the-field photography workshops; and from product reviews to illustrated books and more, we continue to bring our style and skill to those who seek compelling images of nature.

As this new website grows, we ask for your patience as new products are being added; and we ask for your input as you search for products that you can incorporate into your passions and objectives.

We appreciate all who visit us with interest and those who endorse our endeavors through purchasing. Your support helps fund this work, as well as our team’s conservation education and efforts.