Workshop/Educational Opportunities

This schedule is the source for Jerry & Barb Jividen's photo workshops, tours, classes and offerings.

Jerry & Barb also serve clients who are seeking commercial photography services, copyright license of images for publication, and fine art photographic prints.

One-on-One Photography Training Classes

We offer a variety of specialty topics in the field of photography; but because our courses are tailored for One-on-One sessions, the curriculum will be customized for your needs. A free pre-registration consultation is offered to help you determine the best course or courses for you. Our most popular topics include:

  • Learning a New Camera
  • Intro to Digital Photography
  • Intermediate Level Digital Photography
  • Advanced Level Photography
  • Mirrorless Photography - Intro, Intermediate, and Advanced
  • Mastering Wildlife Photography
  • Photo Editing
  • Photography for Profit - Learning to Build a Photography Business
  • Studio Lighting and the Art of Portrait Making
  • Creating an In-Home Photography Studio

Classes are scheduled for flexibility as instructors offer evening and weekend hours, as well as daytime hours. Each student has his/her own class schedule, making their classes both customizable and private.

Orientation is included via phone or teleconference meetings as students collaborate with instructors to develop a course plan that is perfect for the skill level, pace, and goals of each student.

There is no age limit or experience requirement. We accept students from beginners to pros in a variety of specialized areas. All classes are completely comprehensive in their content—including field lessons when applicable. Loaner cameras and equipment may be used during class times if needed (by request and availability).

Seminar Speaking Engagements

Dates by arrangement only.

Fee: Varies based on location and travel expenses. Topics include many prepared titles (a short list follows). Other topics are available, as well as the option of having a specific topic prepared for and geared toward your group or organization.

“Exposure in the Wild” (Emphasis: a visual presentation featuring many how-to examples of mastering manual exposure settings in nature and wildlife photography.)

“The WildLIFE of a Nature Photographer” (Emphasis: a visual presentation featuring hundreds of wildlife images that chronicle a year of photography in North America—including when, where, and how to capture incredible images of your own.)

“Breaking the Pattern of ‘Consistently Inconsistent’ Photography” (Emphasis: visual presentation teaching discovery and insight for controlling exposure in the constantly changing environments of wildlife and nature photography.)

“Mastering Three Dimensional Effects in a Two Dimensional Photos” (Emphasis: a visual presentation teaching how to create visual depth in your photography, a two-dimensional medium.)

Camera Club Presentations

Dates by arrangement only.
Fee: Varies based on group size, status (for non-profit or profit), and desired length and location. Topics include a wide range of photography-related PowerPoint presentations for educational or entertainment purposes. Most programs include music and sound effects, and may include speaking segments. Bookings are suggested 3-6 months in advance.

Small Group Workshops

Dates by arrangement only.

Fee: Varies based on desired length and location. Tailored in-depth sessions on location. Topics include: digital photography, photo editing and software, nature/wildlife photography, studio photography, specific equipment instruction, exposure and metering lessons, marketing courses, and more. Bookings suggested 3-6 months in advance.

Personal Consultations & Private Workshops

Fee: Varies based on desired length and location (half and whole days available). Topics include: digital photography, photo editing and software, studio lighting, equipment selection/instruction, trouble-shooting, marketing, digital file management, portfolio critiques, and more. (Also available at "youth" levels.) Bookings suggested 14 days minimum in advance.